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The Renewal Labyrinth


Welcome to the Renewal Labyrinth at Prince of Peace Church of the Brethren!

A labyrinth is a series of winding paths, similar to a maze, although slightly different.  A labyrinth is not a puzzle.  Instead, a labyrinth guides the walker along a specific path to the center and back.

Labyrinths have been an important part of many cultures spiritually for thousands of years.  Walking through a labyrinth is usually intended to be a meditative and contemplative act, and many religions, including Christianity, integrate walking mediation in labyrinths into their spiritual practices.

In recent years labyrinths have undergone a dramatic revival as a meditation, relaxation, and spiritual tool.  Beginning in churches in the U.S., this renewal now encompasses religious communities of all types, hospitals and health care facilities, spas and retreat centers, schools and universities, public parks, memorials and healing gardens, prisons, and even progressive businesses.

Our design, dubbed the Renewal Labyrinth, is a petite version of the famous Chartres Labyrinth in France which was built in the 12th century.

How to Walk a Labyrinth

There is no right or wrong way to walk a labyrinth.  Just give it a try!

It is helpful to pause at the entrance and quiet your mind from a busy day or world.  It may be useful to contemplate a question, consider a concern, or simply let all thought go.

Allow a minute or several turns on the path between you and anyone who may be in front of you.  If you  come upon another person, simply pass or allow others to pass you.

Begin walking and find your own natural pace.  You can walk slow, fast, dance, skip or pause any point on your journey to the center.  Rest and wait as long as you need at the center.



The Four Movements

  • "on the threshold" ...pause

  • "journeying in" ...release and let thoughts flow

  • "the resting place" and be open

  • "journeying out"...reflect and return to awareness


Each experience with the labyrinth will be different.  Sometimes it may feel as though nothing happened while other times you may have undergone a strong experience.

zzlabyrinth construction 1.jpg
zzlabyrinth construction 2.jpg
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