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At Prince of Peace we hold a strong belief in our kids and youth. We understand these are the next generation; those who will run the church when we are gone, those who will head their households, those who will lead in their communities. We also understand that it takes a village to raise a child and to keep them on the right track. We take our child dedication practice seriously. That is why we pride ourselves on making sure that as a community we do whatever we can to help shape young minds and lend a helping hand to those caring for the children. Should you have questions about programs for children or young adults please use the Contact Us page.



Messy Church is a fun and exciting way that we are able to bring worship to the kids of our congregation. They play, laugh, and most of all MAKE A MESS. It’s not formal. That don’t wear Sundays best. They don’t get up early. They come and play games. Learn about Jesus in ways in which they understand. Not only does this benefit this children but this has such a great benefit for the adults that help out. They learn about Jesus while teaching the kids and get to connect with the kids in an environment they understand.

Messy Church is currently being held via ZOOM.  To get a ZOOM link for Messy Church please send an email request to Pastor Gail at

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More Messy Church



Dave Valeta leads a Young adult Sunday school class at 9 AM. This class is open to young adults 18-25. This is great class for this age group to attend as Dave Valeta has been adjunct faculty in religion at C.U. Boulder. He has great insight on questions that come up with today’s ever questioning society of Jesus.

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